The Hudson Valley is now overbuilt with fracked gas power plants, with a new one on the way. …

“Our expanded testing capabilities will quickly enable us to publish criteria, developed in close coordination with the nation’s public health officials and scientists, to help classify counties with respect to continued risks posed by the virus,” Mr. Trump said in a letter to the nation’s governors.

The Trump ‘Sharpie Map’ | Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Like all…

Bridge Collapse|

Linking together a dirty past (coal), a necessarily muddled present and a bright, clean mythical future, the Natural Gas as Bridge Fuel trope has always required a herculean suspension of disbelief. In practice, a bridge fuel operates to continue fossil fuel dependencies, bridging over inconvenient scientific facts in service of a mythical utopian future. …

Case in point: The Weymouth Enbridge Compression Station, just south of Boston, Massachusetts.

The preponderance of rural gas compressors (black dots) vs those few sited in high urban density (pink boxes), including the Weymouth compressor. Data: HIFLD Open Data, Mapped by author.

Compressor Stations are a notoriously noxious. Designed to ‘compress’ gas over long distances, they periodically ‘blowdown’ — ie, blowout gas in a pipeline section under tremendous pressure, causing massive…

Enbridge’s Texas Eastern Transmission Pipeline ‘TETCO’ — site of explosion, August 1, 2019, Lincoln County, Kentucky | GIS mapping & imagery by author.

2019 Polar Vortex event across northeast | Source: Photojournal JPL/NASA.

Like clockwork, each season’s impending polar vortex delivers a new series of invectives…

Proposed Weymouth Compressor Station Site Location | Mapped by Author.
  • Green light an obviously troubled project, occupying an unsuitable site, impacting abutting Environmental Justice communities with a further toxic burden.


  • Pull the plug on a project entirely inconsistent with Massachusetts’ trends and benchmarks for simple, matter-of-fact climate adaption and climate justice.

There is a very strong case…

Dominion Energy’s Proposed Buckingham Compressor & Community Survey Locations overlaid to Virginia Address Points | Mapped by Author.

In the following maps, charts and discussion, I detail the mechanisms behind Dominion Energy’s use of a ‘product’ from ESRI based in California; the ‘skills’ of one international environmental firm; ‘validated’ by an academic institution in Virginia

Faso Protest Poster, 2017 | Jess Irish

This disregard makes people upset, and on November 6th, 2018 it may very well come to an end. Its well known that…

Stephen Metts

GIS Analyst & Instructor | Shale Gas Impacts, Environmental Justice & Climate Change Issues

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